LABO INTERN PROGRAM 35years 一般財団法人ラボ国際交流センター

The Labo Intern Program offers young adults the opportunity to live and work in Japan for ONE YEAR

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• US and Canadian Interns fly to Japan in early September and return home the following August.
• Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the time of application, and may not be over 25.
• Applicants must be citizens of the United States of America or Canada.
• They should have a strong interest in Japan, in working with children, and in living with host families for one year.
• Prior knowledge of Japanese is not required, but applicants must be willing to work hard to master the Japanese language during their year in Japan.
• Previous participation on the Labo Homestay in Japan is highly encouraged.
Job Description
Ten months are spent working in Labo offices throughout Japan. Responsibilities vary from district to district, and person to person. But all include:
• Visiting Labo Parties at least three times per week — working with young Labo members, making presentations about life overseas, and encouraging their use of English.
• Meeting with Labo Tutors and parents to discuss youth culture in Canada and the United States.
• Attending College Mate (university students) meetings.
• Working at Labo’s summer and winter camps.
• Taking a leadership role during Labo’s winter and summer exchange programs.
• Assisting with English-language office work.
Language Study
Interns spend two months studying Japanese at Labo’s NIHONGO Institute in Tokyo. This time is also used for orientation to Labo, and training Interns on their job responsibilities and duties.
Independent Study ProjectWriting
Successful completion of an Independent Study Project is a visa requirement for this program. Interns are allotted one day per week to work on their project, which must be about some aspect of traditional Japanese culture. A final presentation, demonstration, or paper is required before the Intern leaves Japan.
Before coming to Japan, some Interns arrange to receive university credit for their independent study project.
Interns live with about six host families throughout the year. They may request specific host families, or Labo will assign them to appropriate families.
Financial Considerations
• Labo provides round-trip airfare to Japan.
• Interns receive a stipend of 50,000 yen (net) per month. Labo pays the Japanese taxes, but Interns are responsible for any taxes in their home country.
• Labo provides host families for Interns, and hotel stays when traveling. Meals are taken with the host families, except for lunch, which is the responsibility of the Intern.
• All transportation costs in Japan are borne by Labo except for private travel.
• Interns are enrolled in Japan’s National Healthcare Plan insurance program. Labo will pay all premiums. Interns are responsible for 30% of the total medical fees for the treatment of injury or illness specified in the insurance plan.
working with children
We are now accepting applications for the 2023-2024 Labo Intern Program. The deadline for applications has been extended to February 24, 2023. For digital submissions, please send a scanned copy of your application to (transcripts and references should be sent separately). For more information, please contact the Intern Coordinator.

You can download an application form using the links below:
US Intern Application Form
Canadian Intern Application Form
Please contact the Labo office for more information