Labo’s Exchange Programs

Labo’s Exchange Programs

eat in Japan

IN Japan

Nihongo and Homestay
Children age 12-18 come to Japan for 1 or two months during the summer to study the language or just live with a Japanese family and learn about the culture.
Programs for young adults involve living in Japan for one year, studying the language, working and/or living with a Japanese Labo family.

IN North America and New Zealand

Japanese children age 12-18 come to the US, Canada, and New Zealand for a month during their summer. They live with a host family who has a child the same age and sex.
Academic Year Program
High school age children from Japan come to the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia to live with a host family and attend high school for one year.

Language Programs

Labo International Exchange Foundation sponsors several language programs in Japan for both international visitors and Japanese students.